Review: The Spider’s Web, Dyce

The Spider’s Web has long been renowned for dishing up great pub lunches with portions to satisfy even the biggest appetites.

And on the rare occasions when we have been in that end of the city at lunchtime, we wouldn’t dream of eating anywhere else.

Which is why I almost gave a little cheer on our last visit to discover they now do evening meals as well – and with an even bigger choice on the menu.

I’ve never actually been in the pub when it wasn’t busy, so it was no surprise to find the place buzzing with people out for an early evening drink on a Friday night.

However, to make eating your evening meal a little more exclusive, they have sectioned off an area at the rear of the lounge.

Mind you, it was busy too, and we were lucky to get a table.

But as bustling as it was, we were quickly seated and handed our menus.

From starters to desserts the menu had a huge range of tempting sounding dishes to choose from.

Two mouth-watering items had caught our attention on the dessert section of the menu, so, knowing how big the portions usually are, we decided to give the starters a miss this time and go straight to mains.

I nearly always choose a fish dish when out for a meal but, despite knowing just how good the battered haddock would be, I decided on a change of tack and went for the beef stroganoff instead. My husband decided to have the chicken faijtas, which certainly seemed to be a popular choice with the other diners.

The Spider’s Web never stints on portion size, so we were well prepared when our cheery waitress arrived with the two big helpings.


Soft flour tortillas accompanied the sizzling pile of large, perfectly spiced and tender chicken fillets along with soft strips of peppers. The dish also came with sides of cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salsa.

A very tasty choice … it’s no wonder it was so popular with the other diners.

I’ve never had a bad meal at the Spider’s Web, so I was a wee bit disappointed with my beef stroganoff which came with white rice. The generous portion of steak strips were in the yummiest creamy sauce. However, it was pot luck with the meat itself which was sadly a mixture of tender and tough.

Ordering a dessert was a first for both of us in this pub, so we weren’t sure what to expect.

These lovely puds should have arrived with a fanfare they looked so good.

When we first arrived I could hardly pay attention to the mains once I’d spied the homemade raspberry and Drambuie bread and butter pudding on the dessert menu. Would it be as good as it sounded? It certainly was. Bread and butter pudding can be a stodgy affair, but this delightfully presented dessert, which came with a scoop of ice cream, was moist and light. I cleared my plate. However, I didn’t really taste the Drambuie.

baked alaska

My husband’s choice of baked Alaska tasted as delicious as it looked. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream bound in a soft, fluffy meringue. Despite its size, it was as light as air. Not a crumb was left.

The lounge may have been given smart modern styling in recent years, but the Spider’s Web has never lost its cosy “local” feel … maybe that’s just down to the friendly, chatty staff who always make you feel like a regular.