Review: Ambal’s, Bridge Street, Aberdeen

I’ve often ambled past Ambal’s as I walk to my bus stop and recalled the wonderful evening meals we’ve enjoyed there.

But a sign outside one lunchtime stopped me in my tracks “Buffet Lunch £5.99”. Was this too good to be true?

At the first opportunity I had to find out, I roped in No1 son and my husband.

There were five types of curry, a sambal, two rice options, nan, popadoms, mixed pakora, dips, chutneys, and a dosa, plus a dessert.

We tried a wee bit of them all.

The chicken korma was mild, sweet and creamy, the “chicken curry” had a rich masala-type sauce, the meat sauce in the rich keema mutter packed a powerful punch of spice, as did the vegetable keema curry, but it had a sweeter taste.

Our favourite was another spicy delight, the tandoor style chilli chicken.

Both rices were light and fluffy, the mixed pakora got a big thumbs up, and, despite being massive, the delicious dosa was quickly polished off.

However, the kheer rice dessert was definitely one for those with a very sweet tooth.