Review: Bon East, Clifton Road, Aberdeen

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I’m sometimes left wondering what my family actually thinks of my cooking when the suggestion of a takeaway is greeted with such delighted enthusiasm.

From my A to Z of takeaway menus we opted for an old favourite – Bon East.

We shared a starter of Peking spare ribs, honey chilli chicken, chicken in satay sauce, beef with green peppers and black bean sauce, beansprout chow mein and a portion of egg fried rice.

Bon East certainly doesn’t stint on portion size and each dish was a generous fill.

The deliciously soft pork of the ribs, swimming in a tangy, sweet sauce, fell off the bones. This was a dish we fought over.

The beef was also tender and in a sauce rich with black beans and big chunks of peppers and onions.

The sliced battered breasts of chicken in a tangy, spicy honey chilli sauce was another dish that got the thumbs up as the did the chicken satay, the noodles and the rice.

A tiny box with free really tasty battered chicken wings was a nice touch.