Review: Valerie’s Brasserie promises tasty cakes and meal options

We had previously enjoyed delicious handmade cakes in Valerie’s Brasserie, however, this was the first time we decided to try their grilled snacks and main meals.

I ordered Croque Champignon (£7.95). My toast with Gruyere cheese bechamel and mushrooms came with crunchy fries and a delicious salad.

Even though I really enjoyed my generous portion, which was full of flavour from the cheese and mushrooms, I still thought it was a touch overpriced.

My friend opted for chicken escalope (£9.25), a breadcrumbed chicken breast, which was also served with fries and a salad. She said it was tasty but the chicken breast could have been bigger.

Since the location of this brasserie is close the main doors to Union Square, we got the occasional waft of cold air, so we decided to order Mango Tango tea (£2.85) to keep us warm.

Even though we liked the tea, we must admit it smelled better than it tasted.