Everspace Review: Fast-paced space shooter offers stunning visual and RPG-style advances

Replayability in a game is a must for me, and Everspace provides plenty of that!

The single-player title combines a fast-paced intense space shooter with elements of RPG-style progression and the exploration style of FTL.

Everspace's combat is fast paced and stunning to watch
Everspace’s combat is fast paced and stunning to watch
The basics

A brief tutorial, at the hands of your ship’s on-board AI, gets you up and running with the basics of flying your fragile ship, moving around space and defending yourself against hostile forces determined to turn you into just one more floating wreck.

From then on, Everspace’s replayability kicks in. Every time you die, you take a new cloned body and the story progresses a little. But everything you experience in terms of environment and enemy engagements are completely different.

Your route through space, the opportunities, derelict vessels you stumble across, every time it’s different.

The beauty of this system is how, as you get better at flying and fighting, you get further into the universe, unlocking a little more of the story each time.

The visuals
A lightning storm hits the player's ship
A lightning storm hits the player’s ship

Everspace is stunning, beautifully designed nebula and planets fill the background while various asteroid fields, destroyed ships and active industry centres all provide elements to explore and interact with, as well as potential for dodging and diving trying to evade hostile craft chasing you down.

The onscreen effects and interaction with your ships structure as you fly through a lightning storm or come under heavy fire from one of the multiple groups trying to remove you from their space are some of the best out there.

Combat and controls
The environment is as stunning as it is varied.
The environment is as stunning as it is varied.

Picking up and playing Everspace is kick and easy, the controls are intuitive, and behave exactly as you would expect regardless of whether you’re using mouse and keyboard or a controller.

There’s something very satisfying about turning on the spot at high speed and strafing in reversed while defending yourself.

The responsive controls on the faster, lighter armed ships are vital when trying to weave through asteroids or debris to escape being turned into scrap. It also results in a subtly different feel between the three main ships on offer.

Everspace offers a limited number of weapon variants, but gives the ability to upgrade and increase their damage and fire right.

The missiles in particular have a gratuitous feel to them, launching a salvo against a number of hostile drones and watching them all disintegrate in front of you.

Everspace conclusion

Everspace is fast, frantic and importantly really good fun. There’s a real sense of progression, both in terms of ship power and your own skill level the more you play.

A desire to drive forward and discover more of the engaging story will keep you addicted exploring the universe the developers have created.

The player approaches a large industrial complex.
The player approaches a large industrial complex.