Review: Aberdeen Student show went with bang of laugh and song

Lauren Walker and Alana Buchan.
Lauren Walker and Alana Buchan.

This year’s Aberdeen Student Show started off with a bang…bang.

Aberdonian audiences were treated to a night of local humour, celebrities and Doric sing-song in Fittie Fittie Bang Bang.

The show – based on classic film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – delighted the crowd with a cast of fantastically talented local students.

Throughout the show there were 10 songs, all well-known but with a Doric twist, resulting in a good few belly laughs.

Not only was the show hilarious, but the young cast were faultless – with choreographed dance routines and pitch-perfect performances.

Lead character Dycie, played by Bradley Phillips, was an audience favourite with his terrific singing and comical delivery.

And the “Grunnies” and the Grunny Catcher (Callum Anderson) were the main source of laughter throughout – they did the city proud.