Preview: Milton will laugh at life in Aberdeen show

Milton Jones.

Milton Jones wants to get out there and change the world.

In his new show, comedian Milton – who is a recurring guest panellist on Mock the Week – will tell the audience what he thinks of today’s society.

And while the show is focused on media, the comedian will also touch on fashion and the risks of wearing a cravat.

Milton, who is known for his deadpan comedy style and hilarious one-liners, is also going to be talking about his personal life and its ups and downs.

The comedian will joke about the possibility of becoming Prime Minister too, but promises his audience the show is not very political.

He recently said: “There is one pseudo-political joke, which is as near as I get.

“It is all fairly jokey.”

Find out why he reckons buying his own see-saw was the best decision he ever made when he brings his Edinburgh Fringe show to His Majesty’s tonight.

It is safe to say Milton’s punchlines, clever wordplays and puns will make comedy lovers laugh. The stand-up comedy show starts at 8pm.