Daniel Sloss Now ready for Aberdeen show

Daniel Sloss

A Comedy provocateur is coming to Aberdeen.

Last year, couples broke up because of what Daniel Sloss said about relationships during his DARK tour.

So will it be safe for couples to go see his new show NOW next Thursday in The Lemon Tree?

“Yes, I think so! I have no intention of breaking people up this year,” Daniel laughed.

He added: “This year I am going to discuss whether or not I am actually a sociopath.

“It is entirely new material. I am still proud of the last year’s show but I am enjoying this one a little bit more.”

Daniel has already performed nine sell-out Edinburgh Fringe runs.

Following that success, Daniel started his new tour last Friday.

Even though he really enjoyed the Edinburgh festival, he is excited to be on tour.

Daniel said: “I like the Fringe, I like staying at my house every night and stuff but the Fringe is … you know, I drink every night and I go out and I am tired and ill.

“I could not do the Fringe for three months because I would die.

“On tour, it is different, you are in a new city every day, you eat a bit healthier.”

Daniel revealed he was especially looking forward to performing in Aberdeen.

He said: “I always enjoyed going to Aberdeen and The Lemon Tree. It is my favourite stop at the tour because the venue is great.”

Daniel cannot wait to see his loyal fans in the Granite City.

He said: “I have got a fan base there. I am used to seeing the same faces every year.”

You might recognise Daniel’s face from the UK’s comedy competition So You Think You’re Funny? where he was one of the youngest contestants to reach the final in 2008.

When Daniel was starting his stand-up career he wrote some material for popular comedian Frankie Boyle.

Daniel said: “My mum met him at a gig, she was talking to him about it and mentioned that I was just starting comedy and he gave her his e-mail address and told her I could e-mail him some questions – so I e-mailed him, came to see the show, and, you know, he sort of put my foot in the door.”

You could have also spotted him on US talk show Conan.

Daniel said: “I love doing Conan. It is great he took me under his wing. I will be back in November or December.”

You can see Daniel in The Lemon Tree next Thursday at 8pm.