Photographer takes Metro Exodus to Chernobyl to showcase power of latest Geforce RTX laptop

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Games are getting better looking, blurring the lines between the real and virtual world. The latest graphics tool to produce this level of immersion is ray-tracing.

This technique more accurately calculates the way light interacts with objects, bouncing around a room and being absorbed and reflected by materials in a realistic way.

All this together combines to make the latest triple AAA games like Metro Exodus look better and more life-like than ever before.

So, in an effort show just how much realism ray-tracing adds to these games – and why it’s worth having the latest RTX-enabled graphics cards in your PC or laptop – filmmaker and photographer Dylan Furst was shipped off to snowy, radioactive wastelands of Chernobyl.

Here, very little has changed since the forced evacuation of Pripyat and the surrounding are following the disaster at the infamous nuclear power plant.

Streets frozen in time and lined with abandoned buses, cars and trains all slowly being reclaimed by nature. Children’s drawings and toys lay scattered around rooms where they were left as parents grabbed them and made their way out of the contaminated zone.

It’s this setting that inspired some of the open-world environments of post-apocalyptic Russia in the game. So, armed with the latest RTX powered laptop, Dylan, headed out into Ukraine to compare the ray-traced beauty of Metro Exodus, with the unnerving reality of Chernobyl.