The Stranglers: Our Aberdeen gig will be as full on as ever

The Stranglers put so much effort into performing, the punk greats have competitions – to see who sweats the most on stage.

It may be four decades since the 1977 release of debut album Rattus Norvegicus but the band retain the same incendiary passion from their early days.

Aberdeen fans will be feeling that energy at their headline show at the Beach Ballroom tonight.

Singer-guitarist Baz Warne, 52, said: “We are not geriatrics, we really go for it on stage and give absolutely everything we have.

“It doesn’t matter how long you have been together or how many gigs you have played, you approach every performance like it is your first – or your last.

“Our shows are full on, hot and sweaty just like they were 40 years ago.

“It can be exhausting.

“JJ (Burnel, founding member) and I have competitions to see who has the biggest puddles of sweat when we wring our shirts out on the dressing room floor after a show.

“We can’t wait to play Aberdeen as gigs in Scotland have never let us down as the audiences up there are just manic.

“It is an absolute pleasure to walk out into a room in Scotland full of people wanting to have a good time.

“That connection between the audience and band puts energy levels up even higher and before you know it you are standing backstage in a puddle.”

Formed in 1974 The Stranglers may have been part of the punk scene, but they were never restricted by a genre.

Golden Brown from the La Folie album was a massive hit single in 1982, reaching No 2.

Warne joined the band in 2000 as replacement for singer-songwriter Hugh Cornwell who left to pursue a solo career.

Former Toy Dolls guitarist Warne’s first show was entertaining troops in Podujevo, Kosovo.

He said: “My first gig was something special as not only was I playing with one of my favourite bands we were also out in Kosovo.

“I had only been in the band for 10 days for that gig.

“We were driving in tanks and flying in helicopters, it was proper Action Man stuff.

“That seems like an eternity ago, back when I had hair.

“Even now when we get on stage and get that vibe we all feel like we are 21 again and don’t want to get off.”

The Stranglers have not released an album since Giants in 2012, the third since Warne joined.

However he is confident new material will be recorded and released at some point this year.

He said: “JJ and I have a huge cache of material as we never stop writing and get inspiration from everything.

“We have books of ideas and will find a neutral spot and live together for a few weeks and pull things into shape.

“With acoustic guitars and a few bottles of wine we will start bashing ideas into songs.

“The coming year will certainly see new material written and recorded. We will have to see what form it takes whether it is an EP or album.”