What’s the best way for Dons fans to get Kazakhstan or Bosnia for the Europa League games

A stop off in Split could be the best route to Bosnia.

We’re going to start with Kazakhstan as that’s going to be the most difficult of the two countries to get to, and inevitably, the most expensive.

There are no direct flights between Aberdeen and Almaty, where it looks like the tie will be held.

Instead Dons fans flying from Aberdeen will likely need to stop in Copenhagen and then at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport before travelling onwards to Almaty.

Leaving Aberdeen on July 19, the day before the game will get you in at 3.15 local time – likely cutting it very fine for the game.

Another option would to go via London Heathrow instead of Copenhagen. This will get you into Almaty at around 4.40am.

Regardless of how you get there, you’ll be looking at about 14-15 hours of travel time.

The return leg will be much longer, around 22 hours, and will likely take you back via Moscow and Amsterdam before landing back in the Granite City.

Pricewise, you’ll be looking to fork out between £650 and £800 according to flight comparison site SkyScanner.com

Although nearer, getting to Siroki Brijeg in Bosnia is not going to be much easier.

The best options will be to fly to either Split in Croatia or Sarajevo and then drive the rest of the way.

Flying from Aberdeen to London Heathrow, then London Luton to Split looks to be the cheapest option at less than £300 per person.

The return leg will take you via Dusseldorf and Manchester before returning to Aberdeen.

The drive time from Split to Siroki Brijeg is about two hours, with the best option being a hotel in Split in our opinion.

If you opt to go via Sarajevo instead you’ll be looking at a couple more transfers, first in Amsterdam then again in the Croatian capital Zagreb.  The outbound leg might be shorter than the route to Split, but the return leg looks to be around 27-30 hours.

The price for this route is a little higher too, with flights coming in between £290 and £430 depending on your flight time and airlines.

You’ll also be faced with a slightly longer drive of 2hours 40 minutes from Sarajevo to Siroki Brijeg.

The cheapest option, spotted by Twitter user Mirela Delibegovic, involves a little more driving.

Flying to Bosnia with Wizz Air from Aberdeen to Heathrow and then Luton -Tuzla is available for £71 each way. This option does mean a drive of around 250km would be needed to complete the trip to Siroki Brijeg.

A poll on the Evening Express Sport Facebook page showed Dons fans preferring a trip to Bosnia, and with the flights and travel time being much shorter we can understand why.

Of course everything would change if you decided to charter a plane directly.

From Aberdeen to Almaty, you and nine of your best mates could split the roughly £136K cost of hiring a Challenger 300 to fly you there in style. Including the return leg you would be looking at around  £13600 each.

For the Bosnia game, the price does drop a little. It would only set you back £4,300 each to hire a Legacy 500 for the 2562-mile return flight.

All prices, flight times and routes correct as of June 19 and obtained via SkyScanner.com and Privatefly.com