How to subscribe to and then access your Evening Express ePaper

So you’ve heard about The Evening Express’s special digital subscription offer and want to sign up?

As you may know, we are making access to our ePaper (The Evening Express newspaper itself in an on-screen format) free for three months to help keep you informed during the coronavirus crisis.

We wanted to share this short guide showing how to sign up, and then how to access the service every day.

First of all, one important message: this offer is only for accessing the service through our website. You may find Evening Express eReader apps in app stores — but this offer won’t work with them.

Let us explain more in this short video.


VIDEO: How to subscribe to and then access your ePaper



  1. Visit and select the highlighted option
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions
  3. You will be asked for card details to process the new account. You will not be charged and DC Thomson will contact you before the three months is up to check if you want to remain as a paying subscriber
  4. Once your account is registered and you are logged in you have unlimited use of our website
  5. To access the ePaper hover over the “My Account” area at the top-right of our home page or visit
  6. Remember: your account will not work with eReader apps you might find in app stores. You must access via our websites. You can do so using your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone.


If you have any problems or queries, please email and one of our customer service team will be in touch as soon as they can.

You can also call Freephone 0800 029 4955 or 01382 575322