With a share of £10,000 Communitee Chest cash


It’s time to submit your tokens!

The Evening Express CommunitEE Chest is back and this year we’ve given local not-for-profit groups in and around Aberdeen the chance to win a share of £10,000!

All of our special tokens have been printed over the past 4 weeks and now it’s time to send them in!

What you need to do next:

·         Count your tokens

·         Complete the Submission form (click here for your free downloadable PDF)

·        Post the submission form and your tokens into us by Monday 12th December 2016

Once all of the entries have been checked and verified we will reveal the winners for the following:

Category A (up to 30 active members) –  10 x £500 prize
Category B (between 31 & 60 members) – 3 x £1,000 prize
Category C (more than 61 members) – 1 x £2,000 prize


Terms and Conditions
  1. Groups must register to take part. Open from Monday 24th October groups can register online at https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/communiteechest or by completing a registration form printed in paper and posting this into Evening Express Marketing Department, Lang Stracht, Aberdeen, AB15 6DF.
  2. Tokens will be printed in the Evening Express between Monday 7th November and Saturday 3rd December.
  3. Once the final token has been printed, groups must submit their tokens together with the ‘Submission Form’ to Evening Express Marketing Department, Lang Stracht, Aberdeen, AB15 6DF to arrive no later than Monday 12th December.
  4. No photocopies of tokens will be accepted.
  5. Aberdeen Journals Limited and DC Thomson employees are not eligible to register a group to take part. However if they are part of a not for profit group that wishes to participate another representative from that group may enter for the group.
  6. In the case of Charities, whereby there are no actual members attached to them, we would consider the number of volunteers as their membership to determine which category they could enter their group into.
  7. The total prize fund is £10,000 which will be distributed as follows to those groups in each category that have collected the most tokens.
    • Groups with up to 30 active members will collect to win one of 10 prizes worth £500
    • Groups with between 31 & 60 members will collect to win one of 3 prizes worth £1,000
    • Groups with more than 61 members will collect to win 1 prize worth £2,000
  8. Community Chest is only open to not for profit groups in the Evening Express circulation area. Our definition of a non-profit making organisation is one where there are no individuals who are benefiting from any profit generated by that organisation at the end of a financial year.
  9. Under circumstances where someone feels that one of our registered groups is not a non-profit organisation, and can show us proof that they are indeed an Official Registered Business, with an individual or individuals making a profit and drawing a wage, then we will investigate this allegation. After any investigation by the newspaper, if it can be proved that the registered group is indeed running it as an official profit making business; we would disqualify them from the campaign.
  10. Please click here for our full competition Ts&Cs or send a large stamped self-addressed envelope to Newspaper Marketing, Copy of your Competition Terms, Aberdeen Journals Limited, Lang Stracht, Mastrick, Aberdeen, AB15 6DF.