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I was on the phone to the Helpline from my scratcher in a desperate bid to finally get a flu jab.
Moreen Simpson

Moreen Simpson: Why trying to get the jab just gave me the needle


Three momentous events in one week. Nice-but-nobody-special Joe Biden scrapes through to the US presidency. A lovely couple, who sound like the legendary scientific geniuses Louie and Marie Pasteur, crack the Covid vaccine. And … Mo finally gets her flu jab. Fit next? Trumpie conceding he wisnae swicked?

Alister Jack
Readers' Letters

Readers’ Letters: Referendum is people’s call


I am yet again struck, but hardly surprised, by the arrogant and misguided authority with which the Secretary of State of Scotland Alister Jack parrots the UK Government line that there should not be another independence referendum in Scotland “for a generation”.

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