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1988: Gardeners at Johnston Gardens clear the paths after yesterday's mornings snowfall. They are Campbell Kelso, (right), 29 Bank Street, Aberdeen, and Graham Rennie, Lonard Cottage, Drumoak.
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Gallery: Aberdeen’s Johnston Gardens


This week’s Aberdonian has taken a look back at archive images of Johnston Gardens. With more people walking in the city due to the Covid lockdown, this park has seen its popularity surge in the past 12 months.

A Frugal Meal, Alexander Mackenzie, 1888
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Our Aberdeen: A Frugal Meal


We often think of art as a way of escaping the realities of everyday life. Importantly, however, it can also help shine a light on some of society’s most pressing issues.

1995: Organiser Dennis Davidson roars on his rink from left, Stephen Birrell, Julie Fletcher, Ian Flett, Gwen Davidson, Jim Preacher, Chris Burns and Drew Leil.
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Gallery: Voluntary Service Aberdeen


This week’s Aberdonian has taken a look back at the Voluntary Service Aberdeen. These images, from the 80s and 90s, show some of the incredible events the service has been involved in.  

The beautifully repaired coat
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Our Aberdeen: Fabulous flapper coat conserved


This week we’re taking a look at the conservation of a beautiful, beaded evening coat from the 1920s. When it came into the collection in 2013 as part of the Betty Clunas Gift, it was in such fragile condition that it was difficult to handle, move and even examine.

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Gallery: Memories of Victoria Road School


This week’s Aberdonian has taken a look back through at Victoria Road School. These images, from the 80s and 90s, show life inside the former school in Torry. Watch: Take a look inside Aberdeen’s Victoria Road School

1952: The Denburn area in 1952 before it got demolished.
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Gallery: All change at Denburn


This week’s Aberdonian takes a look at how the Denburn has changed over the decades. Some of our readers will have no memory of the area before the dual carriageway was created to help traffic passing through the city. These images from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, show the area as it used to be.

1979: Casting ewes using special pens at a farm in the Glens of Foundland, between Inverurie and Huntly.
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Gallery: Sheep through the years


This week’s Aberdonian takes a look at sheep through the years. We’ve featured escaped sheep, a runaway lamb and prize-winning ewes in this gallery, which includes pictures from as far back as 1949.

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Our Aberdeen: Wemyss Ware still popular centuries on


The Fife pottery owner Robert Heron employed an expert painter from Bohemia called Karel Nekola and began making Wemyss Ware in 1882. Named after the Wemyss family of Wemyss Castle, the high-quality hand-painted decoration made it a commercial success.

Shell 1980-03-17 Altens Site (C)AJL

"About to dig the first turf at Shell Expro's new site at Altens industrial estate, Aberdeen, is their general manager Mr Bill Murphy watched by (left to right) - Mr David Brewster, head of Shell Expro's property services; Mr Dall Fraser, administration manager; Mr Harry Nicolson of Fairhurst and Partners, clerk of works for the development and Mr Ken Cruickshank, engineer with Fairhurst and Partners."

Used: P&J 18/03/1980
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Gallery: Looking back at Shell in the city


This week’s Aberdonian takes a look at oil giant Shell’s time in the Granite City. Taken from our archives, the images cover everything from groundbreaking at the site in Tullos, to charity work carried out by the staff.