Wi-Fi could be built into Aberdeen streetlights

By Harriet Brace, 20 Aug 2014 6.12pm

INTERNET users in Aberdeen could soon be using Wi-Fi technology built into streetlights, the Evening Express can today reveal.

Aberdeen councillors were set to discuss the planned scheme in private at today’s full council meeting

Under the council’s digital connectivity agenda, a contractor will be appointed to support the roll-out of Wi-Fi in the city – and be given access to streetlights and council-owned buildings to apply technology capable of boosting mobile data networks.

The plans would involve siting base stations containing microcells, which act like home routers, but connect to connect more users.

The scheme is the result of a £100 million urban development fund set up by the UK Government as part of its plans to improve broadband services in 22 UK cities, including Aberdeen – by introducing Wi-Fi hotspots using street furniture such as bus stops, CCTV poles and street lamps.

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman refused to comment on the plans.

Stephen Kain 8 months ago
To add to wifi bins on Union Street that don't work!!
allybongo 8 months ago
Must admit that it could be quite handy for car drivers when they are gridlocked at the very numerous pinch-points in the traffic non-infrastructure.
FixThePotholes 8 months ago
They can't even maintain the existing street lighting in providing light. I see many severed stumps over the city that never get replaced following removal because of metal fatigue or crashes.
Brian Henderson 8 months ago
Might be better spent improving the broadband speed in teh city instead. 

I'd rather have faster internet around the city. 
Aimée Rousseau 8 months ago
Fibre's not good enough for you?
David 8 months ago
When does the 2 year consultation period for this decision start 
headbeeguy 8 months ago
And the series of roadshows in the Art Gallery, community centres, etc.
stepham10 8 months ago

probably once the Haudigin works have been completed!!!

Seriously though great idea, especially for the shire where 3G is not always available.


MS 8 months ago
Would you seriously expect this scheme to reach those areas?
Whole thing is a crazy idea - The council should not be worrying about providing internet access - Many people have data on their phones, free wifi is available all over the place. Better to encourage broadband access to rural communities - But that is the shire to worry about not the city.
gusto 8 months ago

It all make for "work" for the economically inactive non producers at the Council.

Since when did access to mobile internet become a priority for our local worthies in the Council.

Get on with repairing the roads !

If this is something to be paid for by tax payers, its a shameful waste of our hard earned !