Photo shows Aberdeen airport crew fix helicopter's broken wheel ... as it hovers 5ft off the ground

By Adele Merson, 31 Jul 2014 2.30pm

THIS is the dramatic moment ground crew manually released the landing gear of an offshore helicopter as it came into land at Aberdeen International Airport.

The airport was placed on full emergency alert on Tuesday after the CHC-operated S92 helicopter - with 16 passengers and two crew - reported a problem with the landing gear.

The front wheel of the aircraft would not deploy so crew on the ground had to do it manually as it hovered around 5ft off the tarmac.

A CHC spokesman said: “An aircraft landed safely after an undercarriage indicator came on during the approach to Aberdeen Airport.

“The initial engineering inspection revealed that deployment of the landing gear was delayed. It was successfully lowered manually and the aircraft landed normally."


Steve Thomson 9 months ago
Is that two guys really lifting up a helicopter by themselves. They should have been in Scotlands weight lifting team down in Glasgow.   Thats some feat. 
gusto 9 months ago
Scary day....for CHCs PR guys !
MargaretSanger 9 months ago
Thunderbirds did something similar with a commercial jet back in the 60's.  Three motorised devices. Anyone remember that?  LOL.  Sorry, FAB
FixThePotholes 10 months ago
I'm sure if G-XXEB had this problem at Dyce HM's handbag would contain something suitable to do the job.
Impvan 10 months ago
It's just engineers doing engineering stuff. 
In the time before media studies and MBA's, this wouldn't have even warranted a photo, let alone a puff in the paper.
Dunky 10 months ago

On an offshore did they draft an acceptable risk assessment that allows 2 guys to position themselves under a hovering 4 tonne helicopter...

jamesgrantgeddes 10 months ago
Dunky, firstly it's classed as a 7 tonne helicopter (empty, dry weight) or 12 tonne loaded. What would you have proposed as an alternative? Continue to hover whilst completing risk assessment paperwork -oops, ran out of fuel! It's how these things are done. It's in the Sikorsky procedures manual for all operators of these Aircraft. Point being, you don't see the Airport fire trucks here do you? Or any Ambulances? No! because they were round at Bond...Who actually did have a far bigger emergency than our lazy landing gear leg! But i don't see that in this paper.....
Nicholas Fletcher 10 months ago
not a huge issue to a skilled pilot. ive seen them use a trolley designed for the task be slipped underneath planes and helicopters when this happened. Id still crap myself if I was onboard though
Simon Monk 10 months ago
I've been on a flight where the landing indicator light Was on wasn't a big deal or in any papers just hovered At the heliport all jumped out and went home there are So many different electrical, mechanical and hydraulic Systems on a chopper no matter how much maintenance Is done there will always be some faults, we just hope they Are not major and that the helicopter and oil companies Are doing all they can to prevent crashes but I don't Believe they are just my opinion.
Frances Howat Anderson 10 months ago
I feel sorry for all those workers  in the North Sea  ,who have to depend on helicopters, for getting to and from their work!.
Scott Smith 10 months ago
I depend on Bond helicopters and it's a definate stress to us all outboard whilst airborne.
Kevin Gallacher 10 months ago
What about all the people that depend on walking up/down stairs, walking across busy roads, driving cars, riding a bike, riding a bus? All of these things are statistically more dangerous than flying in a helicopter or plane.
Dave A 10 months ago
The tweet attributed to one of the passenger's mothers says he's stuck on a copter with a failed landing gear - how did she know? Was he texting he while they came in to land. Phone in the cabin??
Chris 10 months ago
another drama,,,,,and of course , no one was made to attend the hearing and courts for the inquiry into the Miller ditching. Big carpets and bigger brushes. Some one says these things can fly, Hold them responsible.
Stephen Kain 10 months ago
Have you seen the report?  Loads of recommendations came from the week long inquiry and the 234 page report is available for all to see on AAIB website.
Chris 10 months ago
some one said fly the helicopter ater the faults were reported,,,,,,,,,,
Stephen Kain 10 months ago
Photos on social media suggest that possibly front landing gear failed.  Also suggested that chopper hovered for some time before landing.   Of course none of this confirmed.