North-east woman decorates dog poo with strawberries and cream

By Andy McLaren, 31 Mar 2014 10.48am

A WOMAN is decorating dog mess with strawberries and cream in a bid to make pet owners clean up after their animals.

Theresa Ritchie also carries Nutella in her handbag to spread on dog dirt on her way to work.

Theresa hopes her decorative technique will make lazy dog owners in Peterhead aware that someone is watching them.

Theresa, a member of Pick Up Peterhead, said: “People in Peterhead are regularly stepping on dog mess on the pavements.

“I wanted to highlight the problem in an amusing way.

“This shows people are watching dog owners who can’t be bothered to clean up after their pets.

“The food idea has showed that dog poo wasn’t being cleaned up by the council.

“It sometimes lies on the streets for around eight weeks.”

country girl More than 1 year ago
What is worse the people who think they are responsible dog owners,pick up the mess in a bag then promptly drop it on the floor. The majority of plastic poo bags are not bio degradable,so lie around for ever. BAG IT AND BIN IT!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As ingesting dog poo can lead to blindness this is a foolish and dangerous idea!!!
Greg Shearer More than 1 year ago
This is 5* cuisine in Peterhead
Cheryl Proctor More than 1 year ago
In all  fairness to Theresa she only did this once, she does not make a habbit of decorating dog poo. She usually sprays it with a hi-viz colour of food colouring....this was only to high light the situation. What it did highlight though was that the council workers were not picking it up either. 
It would be brilliant if the council would actually charge someone and issue fines but as far as I know this does not happen.  Theresa does a lot for Peterhead and rather than moan about issues she actually tries to do something about, you will see her out most weekends voluntarily picking up litter to make our town a better place to live. One Sunday when some idiots the previous night went all along the seawall vandalizing all the dog bins and leaving a trail of dog poo everywhere on an extremely hot day, it was Theresa that was there cleaning it all up for the elderly residents and disinfecting the area. It is wrong to ridicule someone without knowing all the facts.

Dunky More than 1 year ago

Thanks for the photo...without it I wouldn't know what dog sh1t looked like topped with cream and strawberry...

Steven Thomson More than 1 year ago
Think she would be far better taking a photograph and sending it to council officials who will take action. 

Carla Masson More than 1 year ago
this is ludicrous!!! what a stupid way to show people you're 'watching' them, I doubt they give a hoot!! If it bothers you that much then pick it up yourself!! Yes it is annoying standing in dog poo but I'd much rather stand in it than have my dog go near it and catch something, I'd be one seriously unhappy pet owner!!!!!
Brian Henderson More than 1 year ago
something similar worked down south somewhere, they were spray painting it pink.

Dogs eat other dogs mess all the time, the strawberries and cream may actually put some off ;)
Jordan Ritchie More than 1 year ago
Why is this such a big deal? their are 101 bigger problems in Aberdeen yet peoples priorities lie with picking up dog mess? 
Jean Stevenson More than 1 year ago
Wouldn't it be cheaper to just stick a flag in it?
Tingtong from Tooting More than 1 year ago
defo a crackheed
MadSeasonAbove More than 1 year ago
Lazy locals
Brian Smith More than 1 year ago
One way is to pick it up follow the culprit home and drop it at their doorstep,see how they like stepping in it.
Katherine Muir More than 1 year ago

Strawberries and cream isn't exactly cheap....a delicious waste. I have seen dog poop highlighted with spray paints before to make them stand out. If you can't clean up after your dog, you shouldn't be allowed one. There are football and rugby pitches next to my flat, attempt to running when no one is playing on them....hard to do when folk let their dogs foul all over them! Can't imagine the amount of kids that have gone to play a match and had a good old slide in poo. Nasty!

Impvan More than 1 year ago
Aye, but it's the 'Related Articles' that made me laugh...
Susyan Reid More than 1 year ago
easier said that done Gemma, are you really going to follow the person and dog home so you get an address? or confront them in the street; preparing yourself for abuse!!..but the councils should up the fine £40 ain't enough
SirWillieOfG More than 1 year ago
Surely you're a day early with this nonsense, otherwise Theresa Ritchie probably needs to be committed for psychiatric evaluation.
Gemma Robertson More than 1 year ago
Rather than goin around creating pretty poo why not pay more attention to the people who don't pick up the poo and slap the fine on them and increase the fine.
parahandy More than 1 year ago
You don't always see whose dog is doing the business.