Flight drama as ‘engine fails’ on Aberdeen-bound plane

By Anthony Joseph, 26 May 2014 10.32am

AN “ENGINE failure” sparked a mid-air emergency on an Aberdeen-bound flight.

Shocked passengers felt what they thought was turbulence before the pilot of the Lufthansa plane, which was carrying 89 passengers, made an announcement in German.

Aberdeen athlete Myles Edwards, who was on the flight, today told how the drama unfolded on plane, which left Frankfurt at 3.50pm yesterday.

The 25-year-old, from Summerhill, said: “Gasps were heard from people who understood the message before it was read out again in English, confirming the engine problems.”

The emergency forced the pilot to fly the Aberdeen-bound plane back to Frankfurt, after encountering the trouble over Amsterdam.

Terrified passengers were seen in tears after the flight landed safely at the German airport.

The airline today described the emergency as an engine “shut down” and said investigations were under way to determine the cause.