Blizzard conditions set to batter North-east

By Esther Beadle, 3 Dec 2013 6.53am

THE North-east was today warned to be braced for an Arctic blast later this week.

Met Office experts have issued two yellow alerts for snow and wind on Thursday and Friday.

Blizzard conditions are set to batter the region, with gusts of up to 40mph whipping snow into drifts.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicky Maxey said: “A lot of the blizzard conditions could be overnight on Thursday, especially in the north-west of Grampian.

“Conditions during rush hour through Friday morning mean drivers need to be careful. Roads could be icy. Drivers should be aware and be prepared.”

laure More than 1 year ago
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Jocomalay More than 1 year ago
Doesn't the last couple of days make the majority of the comments look pretty dumb.
Blizzardsahoy More than 1 year ago
Depends what you're referring to with regard to 'majority of the comments'. Were there any blizzards? No. Were the roads atroscious because of the snow? No. Did we see 'arctic' conditions? No. Sure, there was plenty of windy conditions, but that's not what the forecast, nor the hype of the EE reporting suggested.
Bill Beedie More than 1 year ago
Sorry, but the majority of comments on here are quite right. "Blizzard" and "arctic blast" get rolled out every time there's snow forecast. 40mph gusts do not a blizzard make, has anyone at the EE ever been to the Arctic where ot can get to -60C???
Blizzardsahoy More than 1 year ago
Well said that man!
Gillian pat More than 1 year ago
O wow more idiot drivers!!!!!!! All cars should be banned from driving
blizzardsahoy More than 1 year ago
Blizzards? Does anyone at the Journals even know what a blizzard actually is? Try heading up to the top of Cairngorm with 80mph winds and a total white out. As for the usual sensationalist headlines and reporting - it's no more than we've came to expect. And who said it doesn't snow here every year? It has for as long as I've been living in the NE.... ie, all my life. So, to summarise, a wee bit of wind and a few flurries here and there. Best batten down the hatches!!
Ali More than 1 year ago
I'b more impressed if they solved the horrendous amount of car crime there is in Aberdeen. & the "cigarette" in a bucket fires.. It's easier to do scare mongering. Idiots, it's winter time most of us were born in Scotland it gets cold 6 months out of every 12 months.
Chuck More than 1 year ago
"Idiots" is a bit harsh, so I'll stop short of using a similar term for you. I'm not sure it is the job of Aberdeen Journals to solve the car crime and bucket fires in Aberdeen, any more than it is the job of Police Scotland to print the news, weather, sport and TV listings 6 days a week. If the Evening Express had printed a story about how it might get cold in the winter and warmer in the summer, I might have seen your point. However, they are providing specific information that blizzard conditions are due to arrive by the end of this week. Information that allows people to plan, or not plan as it may be. Information that is coupled with warnings from the Met Office. A case of "better safe than sorry", rather than scare mongering in my eyes.
paulg More than 1 year ago
Met Office:- Thursday Possible sleet at 21:00, wind speed 30, guesting to 50 Friday Light Snow 18:00 - 21:00, wind speed 19 no guests Hardly a 'battering' however that is how provincial journalism works..
Chuck More than 1 year ago
These "guests" sound pretty quick to me. Hopefully they will not be the usual Z-list celebrities that we see "blowing" through to make nightclub appearances etc. That being said, I'd rather be warned of snow coming (even if it is being sensationalised), so we can plan accordingly. I'm not talking stocking up on long-life milk or getting the rusty tins of beans looked out, but people may wish to change their travel plans for example.
tom14 More than 1 year ago
Nice to see someone with a bit of sense on here. I am glad the EE reports the chance of snow because my girlfriend is scared of driving in any snow due to an idiot crashing into her Now she can make sure she can make sure she has the shopping in that she needs before the snow arrives.
Jimmy CN More than 1 year ago
Thank goodness for the good old 4X4
theprophet More than 1 year ago
This really is lazy Journalism of the highest order designed to do nothing but be sensationalist..........It is December, that means snow, hardly a big deal is it? What next? The Sky is Blue and The Moon is White?
Paula 22 More than 1 year ago
Why is it lazy to report a Met Office warning?
theprophet More than 1 year ago
It is Lazy due to the fact they are trying "sensationalise" the fact it is going to snow, can you please explain to me how that warrants such big headlines? We live in North-East Scotland, Snow in this area is as given as the fact Tuesday comes after monday and Christmas is on 25th December, would hardly call it big news when it snows.
Paula 22 More than 1 year ago
Surely it would have been more lazy not to have reported it?
Chuck More than 1 year ago
It probably doesn't warrant big headlines, but it is obviously a slow news day. Transversely, it isn’t a bad thing; making people aware of the adverse weather conditions heading our way, by means of a big headline (for those that maybe just browse the paper, or don’t go online to check weather forecasts etc.). I would suggest that blue skies or a white moon don’t have as much of an effect on the roads or other means of travel, as snow does. I guess if you don’t like the prioritisation of their editorial space, access another website or buy a newspaper with more “energetic” journalism.
Jay More than 1 year ago
My god stop moaning never happy some people! thanks for the warning not every year we get snow so stop with the "we should expect it" You expect sun when you go to Tenerife but sometimes you get a few days of rain! haha, my god!!
Ali More than 1 year ago
You'd like to see investigative journalism. But that's not easy. Easy is sensationalise the weather. & car crime and vandalism fires are still rampant in the Aberdeen area.
Jay More than 1 year ago
Which are still well reported otherwise why would you know about it. Weather warning are one of the kost important things to update in a newspaper it lets people be more aware. I dare say it even saves lives. Even if its just 1 live. Job done!