Animal charity in plea to stamp out ‘impromptu’ dog fights

By Ed Earl, 4 Jan 2014 9.01am

THUGS are letting their pets loose on North-east beaches and in parks in “cruel” and “impromptu” dog fights, it was revealed today.

And the ring leaders of the sickening sport are evading authorities.

A Scottish SPCA’s special investigation unit officer today made a plea for the public’s help in providing information.

He said animal welfare chiefs, striving to stamp out dog fighting, have been alerted to an activity known as “rolling”.

He said: “This is impromptu fighting at a beach or park, but the injuries the dogs suffer are the same as dog fighting.”

He was highlighting the cruel activity in a bid to attract more information from the public.

paulg More than 1 year ago
Some of these breeds can eat their own weight in food in an hour so where do the owners get the cash from to keep them?
Bucket More than 1 year ago
My dog is walked everyday.....on the beach front/broadbill/surrounding parkland....never seen any of these as asked before......where are they happening, all dogs and owners we come across are regulars,say hi to each other and dogs regularly play away no eh?????
Gavin More than 1 year ago
Lived in Aberdeen most my life & never seen or heard of this happening
John More than 1 year ago
99% of dogs you see on Aberdeen streets are dog fighting breeds
parahandy More than 1 year ago
Agree but not quite on the 99%.. Have to ask why no one has done anything about the banned American pitbulls in a flat in Bedford Avenue, owner has been reported for dog fighting, council did nothing, he continues to TRAIN the dogs in back garden of tenement.
Angela Allan More than 1 year ago
why the council tell the police or the sspa
Simon Berryman More than 1 year ago
Very little info and a pointless story . I am a dog owner in the north east and would love to help stop this..but all we get is storys like a bit of research and re right your story
anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm actually glad to see this brought up, I'm at uni living near Kittybrewster and regularly saw a group of neds (probably late 20's) taking four or five dogs to St Machar park and training them to fight - right in the view of the main road you couldn't miss them! it was insane! loads of people must of seen them! Guess they got caught and moved on because I haven't seen them for a wee while
Dunky More than 1 year ago
C'mon Ed... Who was the SSPCA spokeman? Where are these incidents occuring? Who do they think is involved? How many incidents have there been? How can they be expected to attract more information from the public if you don't present us with any details...or is this story just made up?...hmmmm???
Davos More than 1 year ago
I've lived in Aberdeen for over 30 years and I've never heard of dog fighting up here till now. Local people from the North east have never been into dog fighting. Or stealing drain covers or eating swans
Digga-Dawg More than 1 year ago
Is that it? Is this an informatiove story? NO. Which beaches have been singled out? Where in the North East? The North East is a vast area, with too many beaches to mention. So - are these "thugs" that are rolling Eastern European? Or are they organised gangs of drugged up local neds? Is this a genuine alert, or is it scaremongering with just a rise of uncontrolable dogs fighting on beaches, due to the increased population to the "North East", and many have now dogs? I dunno. this news "story" (for dog owners) is a waste of time. I want to know where, and give actual beach names, so I can avoid them with my dog. Surely, there must be a pattern developing of which beaches are most commonly "hit".