Aberdeen woman receives letter saying she had died

By Kali Lindsay, 29 Aug 2014 12.07pm

AN ABERDEEN woman today told of her shock after receiving a letter from her local council saying she had died.

Aberdeen City Council wrote to the executor of “the late Adeline Buchanan”, asking if someone had been appointed to handle her estate.

The letter was delivered to the 58-year-old’s council house.

Mrs Buchanan today said it was devastating to read she had apparently passed away.

She said: “When I opened it I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was just a really horrible thing to open – I feel sick.”

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: “The letter was issued due to human error.

“We have apologised to the lady concerned.”

Alan Craigie 7 months ago
David Griffiths 7 months ago
She could always have looked for her obituary in the papers.
Impvan 7 months ago
As Mark Twain once said.....
cat 7 months ago
Cue sad face for the papers! On receiving such a letter, most people would realised that it's a silly mistake. Some people call the papers.
Margaret-Sanger 7 months ago
Is it only me who would find this highly amusing and not lose sleep over it?  I certainly wouldn't be devastated, more likely pleased that I was in fact alive and well despite claims to the contrary.  I feel a compensation claim coming on.....
MS 7 months ago
If it happened to me I think I would realise quite quickly it was a mistake. These things shouldn't happen, but occasionally will.
David McGregor 7 months ago
Yes you would realise quite quckly I would imagine!!!
Tingtong from Tooting 7 months ago

'human error'


thats alright then...

cat 7 months ago
Surely,she did not think she was dead?