Aberdeen police to hand out 1,000 shed alarms to break-in victims

By Anthony Joseph, 26 Aug 2014 3.43pm

POLICE in Aberdeen have bought 1,000 shed alarms to hand out to victims after 50 reported break-ins in four months.

The alarms will be provided to victims of housebreakings and officers will also canvass hot-spot areas to deliver crime prevention advice as well as a free shed alarm.

The local initiative to reduce the number of thefts has been launched following an increase in the number of break-ins to sheds throughout the city. While break-ins to properties between April 1 and July 10 are down 25% on the same period last year, the number of break-ins to sheds has increased, with 33 reported last year and 50 reported for the same period this year.

Analysis has shown that the most common item stolen from sheds and outhouses are bicycles, accounting for 46% of all items stolen between 1 April and 10 July 2014. Other items that thieves target include golf clubs, power tools and garden equipment.

The campaign, which launches on Thursday, has been supported by Aberdeen Community Safety Partnership and they have provided £5,000 to Police Scotland to purchase 1,000 shed alarms and bicycle security packs.