Aberdeen foxes ‘snatching food left out for seagulls’

By Harriet Brace, 13 Aug 2014 9.57am

COMMUNITY leaders in Aberdeen have raised concerns about a perceived increase in foxes – fearing the animals are snatching food left out for seagulls.

Residents – including one in the Springfield Road area – have been reprimanded for feeding seagulls and advised that their “antisocial behaviour” causes issues for neighbours.

Community Council chairman William Sell said: “There are adult foxes roaming the area and I have seen them hop over garden fences into gardens in Craigiebuckler.

“I have not heard any reports of anyone being harmed by them in all my years in the city.

“But I would certainly discourage anyone from putting anything out for foxes.”

Ward councillor Ross Thomson said fox-related issues are becoming more widespread in the area.

He said: “Sometimes throwing bread out in the garden and thinking you are doing a good thing can lead to issues and other people being disturbed by it.

McGeerafe 9 months ago
LOL!  Feeding Gulls.  They seem to be skinny and down in numbers eh?  Need a cull of them really.
Colin Warren 9 months ago
Banned for 3 years for keeping animals. DISGRACE SHE SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED A PET AGAIN..AND LOCKED UP.
Colin Warren 9 months ago
Hey EE why did you not let my comments be Printed about her who starved 3 dogs..???
Danny Weir 9 months ago
Exactly agree why feed seagulls ad rather feed the fox and kill the ugly looking seagull
JonA 9 months ago
Who are these fools who are feeding seagulls?! Really...
Brian Henderson 9 months ago
People moaning about 'vermin' taking food that has been left out for 'vermin'

Heard it all now
kennybhoythetic 9 months ago
Go foxes!!!
Nicholas Fletcher 9 months ago
Don't feed the seagulls then!!!