Aberdeen councillor’s head ‘stamped on’ in alleged attack

By Andy McLaren, 14 Aug 2014 11.51am

AN ABERDEEN councillor suffered bruising to his brain after allegedly being attacked on a night out.

Nathan Morrison, Aberdeen City Councillor for George Street and the Harbour, was assaulted by a reveller who, it is claimed, shouted homophobic abuse at a friend of Mr Morrison’s.

A CT scan revealed he has bruising to his brain.

He said the man “was walking by us and he made a remark at my friend.

“I turned round and said he must have been homophobic if he was going to shout that at us.”

It was when Cllr Morrison responded to the comment that he was allegedly attacked, knocked to the ground and had his head stamped on.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said they were looking into the alleged incident.
Maggie Brown 8 months ago
What is it with stamping on someones head, the heroic act of the Neanderthal.
Steve Thomson 8 months ago
Its not its an act of cowardice, that can result in death. Its used to be the British way that even in a fisty cuff, their was a certain decorum that you would not hit a man when he was down. Even in by gone wars there was a code of chivalry that was largely adhered too .   We have judges in Aberdeen that never seem to lock up paedophiles,  let alone someone  stamping on someones head.   Rank and file police officers when off duty and able to speak freely will tell you the biggest demotivating factor and reason so many quit is because time and time again they put hours into getting cases to court, to see all the hard work and man hours wasted by soft sentencing.  Then we see courts routinely convict innocent people. And the justice system effectively offer no chance of a re trial.   Corrupt is the word Im looking for. 
Maggie Brown 8 months ago
I was being sarcastic.
Nicholas Fletcher 8 months ago
one of the few councillors I've talked to in person that managed to avoid party dogma had a few good if differing, opinionated discussions with.  
Ivor Brown 8 months ago
Expecting Sandy Milne along to blame Labour councillor for headbutting someones foot anytime now.....
Sandy Milne 8 months ago
Good one never thought of that