Aberdeen city centre street closed after crash

4 Aug 2014 2.09pm

A BUSY street in Aberdeen city centre was closed after a three-car crash.

The smash happened on Hutcheon Street, near Caroline Place, at 1pm.

Police said there were no injuries.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman added: “The road was closed while the police dealt with the clear up.


Abz Diver 9 months ago
Petty Carolyn, very petty indeed.. 

Carolyn M 9 months ago
Not sure if you're responding to my original comment or Mr Fletcher's response; whichever it is, I am not the only person bemoaning the standard of language, spelling, punctuation - see story on BBC documentary due to be shown tonight!
Abz Diver 9 months ago
Just because you are not the only one bemoaning the standard of language on the internet does not make your actions any less petty in this circumstance. If you plan on changing the worlds forum posts in this manner then hats off to you, you have a heck of a battle on your hands... otherwise it is just pointless, petty and needless demonstration,
Alister Voltaire 9 months ago
What is it with Hutcheson Street?  Two weeks ago seven cars were damaged
Carolyn M 9 months ago
My goodness, a comment alluding to the general decline in basic education leads to a personal attack - my life is just fine, thank you.
Nicholas Fletcher 9 months ago
No it wasn't alluding to anything, it was smugly attacking someone who made minor errors in their post for no other reason than your own intellectual narcissism.
Carolyn M 9 months ago
Correct English please - "how many car crashes there were" (not "was") & "those who lost their (not "there"!) lives"... 
Nicholas Fletcher 9 months ago
Yeah because that's the important bit Carolyn, not the fact people have been injured and died this weekend alone. Your life must be sad and quite empty.
Mark Graves 9 months ago
I have actually lost count how my deaths and car crashes there was over this weekend, people need to start paying more attention on the roads, r.i.p to those who lost there lives so sad... 
Nicholas Fletcher 9 months ago
not just this weekend it seems to be very day. ultimately it must be down to one, two or all the drivers involved. I saw three last week on my mile and a half walk to work all caused by people running lights. lack of indicators etc