Royal Marine Commandos board ferry in exercise

Ferry passengers got some extra on board entertainment when a group of elite Royal Marine Commandos staged a training exercise during the journey.

Probe into offensive songs on train after Celtic v Inter Milan

Rail passengers were left “disgusted” by football supporters’ sectarian singing as they returned from a match, police said.

Scottish Parliament committee warns lone parents of UK welfare reforms

Lone parents with young children stand to lose more than £1,800 a year under the UK Government’s welfare reforms, according to a Scottish ...

Zoe Ball doesn't want Strictly job full time

Stand-in Strictly presenter Zoe Ball has ruled herself out of taking the job on full time.

Leonard Nimoy - Mr Spock - dies aged 83

Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr Spock in Star Trek, has died at the age of 83.

Harrison Ford to return in Blade Runner sequel

Harrison Ford will be reprising his role as replicant hunter Rick Deckard in a sequel to Blade Runner, more than 31 years after the film first ...