Soul: Union Street, Aberdeen

By Samantha Leckie, 7 Nov 2013 6.02am

I CONSTANTLY feel like I’m rushing around like a headless chicken during the week.

So when I agreed to meet one of my work contacts for lunch, I wanted somewhere quick and reliable.

Soul was the first place that popped into my head.

I chose halloumi and heirloom tomato open focaccia (£8.95) from the vast range of dishes on the lunch menu.

The cheese was grilled to perfection and tasted great with the toasted bread and sweet salad.

My acquaintance opted for the spinach and new potato frittata, (£10.50). It seemed a little pricey, but it was worth it.

The dish was soft and fluffy while the leeks balanced it out with a bit of a crunch.

Our lunch arrived so quickly, we decided we had time for a dessert to banish those Monday blues we were suffering.

With our waistlines in mind we shared the soul dessert platter (£8.50).

This was a delicious selection of wee puds – a mini creme brulee, chocolate fondant, lemon posset and a butterscotch fondue with sweet bread sticks.

Everything tasted so sweet, the creme brulee had a great crunch to the top layer and the fondant was brimming with melted chocolate inside.

We cleared the platter in minutes and felt a teeny bit guilty for overindulging ... but just a teeny bit.

Soul didn’t let me down and the beautiful dishes and great service was a great way to start my working week.