Smith hits UK/US sales landmark

Sam Smith has become the only artist in the world to sell one million albums in both the UK and US during 2014.

18 Dec 2014 3.23pm

Status Quo on Antiques Roadshow

Vintage rockers Status Quo are the unlikely guests on the Antiques Roadshow Christmas special after a fan's tapestry tribute was valued on the ...

17 Dec 2014 7.06pm

Stars hit out at decision to pull North Korea comedy

Hollywood stars have reacted furiously to the decision to pull a film about the assassination of the North Korean leader - with Ben Stiller branding ...

'Kill Kim' film axed amid threats

A film due for release next week depicting a fictional plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been dropped after hackers threatened ...

18 Dec 2014 4.47am

Video: Aberdeen chef Brian McLeish reaches next stage in MasterChef finals

THE Aberdeen chef competing in finals week of MasterChef: The Professionals has made it to the next stage of the competition.

Ambulance crews set for calls surge

Ambulance crews were called to an extra 200 emergencies a day over the festive period last year, many of them fuelled by alcohol.

18 Dec 2014 4.19pm

Sturgeon pressed on oil 'crisis'

Labour's new deputy leader Kezia Dugdale has urged the First Minister to provide assurances to hundreds of thousands of oil workers this Christmas, ...

18 Dec 2014 3.18pm

Think-tank in devolution warning

Implementing one of the key principles behind the Smith Commission proposals on further devolution could be " fraught with practical and political ...

18 Dec 2014 4.19pm

Griffin sniffs out police job

Police Scotland has welcomed Griffin the German Shepherd puppy as its latest recruit.

18 Dec 2014 3.18pm

Airport to welcome 130,000 people

More than 130,000 people are expected to travel through Scotland's busiest airport over the Christmas period.

18 Dec 2014 3.18pm

Shops braced for 'Panic Saturday'

High street spending is set to reach £1.2 billion in a single day as festive shoppers hit the stores on "Panic Saturday".

18 Dec 2014 3.23pm

Westwood in No 10 asbestos protest

Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood attempted to deliver asbestos as a Christmas present to David Cameron - and told him to have sympathy because "he ...

18 Dec 2014 3.23pm

Political adviser numbers soaring

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have been accused of breaking their promise to curb the numbers of ministerial special advisers after official figures ...

18 Dec 2014 3.23pm

4 million Brits abroad at Christmas

As many as four million Britons will head overseas over the festive period, with those staying behind facing jammed roads and disrupted rail journeys.

18 Dec 2014 3.23pm

Man held over shots near school

A man has been arrested on suspicion of firearms offences after reports that a gunman fired shots at school workmen.

18 Dec 2014 3.23pm

PM 'incredulous' at Sydney siege

Australia's prime minister has said the deadly Sydney cafe siege may have been preventable, as the chorus of critics demanding to know why the ...

18 Dec 2014 6.48am

Obama brings Cuba in from the cold

After half a century of Cold War acrimony, the United States and Cuba moved on to restore diplomatic relations in a historic shift that could ...

18 Dec 2014 4.47am

Uber pledges tougher safety checks

Cab share service Uber has promised to focus on passenger safety amid increasing concerns that its drivers are not adequately screened for past ...

18 Dec 2014 5.47am

Fidel frenzy sparked off-wall plots

For more than 50 years, the US government's schemes to overthrow the Castro government were, if not successful, always creative: poisonous cigars, an ...

18 Dec 2014 5.47am

Happy Havana celebrates new era

Bells tolled in celebration and teachers halted lessons as President Raul Castro told his country Cuba was restoring relations with the United States ...

18 Dec 2014 5.47am