Val Kilmer in hospital for tests

US film star Val Kilmer has confirmed he is in hospital awaiting medical results but said he does not have a tumour and has not had surgery.

1 Feb 2015 8.59am

Voice hopeful 'didn't tell Wallace'

Jessie Wallace's boyfriend was so worried about his audition on The Voice he did not tell the EastEnders star he had tried out for the BBC singing ...

31 Jan 2015 12.57am

Bafta head denies Selma racist snub

The lack of a Bafta nomination for Martin Luther King Jr biopic Selma was not a "racist snub", the head of the academy has said.

1 Feb 2015 8.58am

Actor Robbins collapses on stage

Actor Ted Robbins is in hospital after collapsing on stage during the opening night of a revival of Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights live show, forcing its ...

1 Feb 2015 2.51am

Royals decline gay men campaign

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today declined to get involved in a campaign to pardon tens of thousands of gay men convicted alongside Imitation ...

31 Jan 2015 4.57pm

Murray 'feeling good' before final

Andy Murray said he is ''feeling good'' ahead of his attempt to win a third grand slam title in the final of the Australian Open today.

1 Feb 2015 6.53am

Register to vote urges Sturgeon

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is urging people across Scotland to register to vote in May's general election.

1 Feb 2015 2.51am

Fans warned ahead of Celtic match

Celtic and Rangers will play for the first time in almost three years today, with police warning supporters they will crackdown on any signs of ...

1 Feb 2015 6.53am

Voters 'will switch big' to Labour

Voters in Scotland will "switch late and switch big" to Labour in the general election, according to the party's Scottish leader Jim Murphy.

1 Feb 2015 2.51am

Spending plans 'will protect NHS'

The Scottish Government's spending plans for the year ahead will protect public services such as the NHS and education, the Finance Secretary has ...

1 Feb 2015 2.51am

Under 10s 'committing sex crimes'

Hundreds of children under 10 have been reported to police for sex offences including rape, according to reports.

1 Feb 2015 8.58am

Miliband would be catastrophe: boss

Ed Miliband is under fresh pressure after a series of attacks over his leadership and warnings by a leading business chief that he would be a ...

1 Feb 2015 2.51am

Sunny January, but cold continues

Freezing temperatures are expected to carry over into this week as a hangover from a dry January that was the sunniest in more than 10 years.

1 Feb 2015 4.56am

Particle may explain matter mystery

A completely new type of fundamental particle may explain the mystery of "dark matter", the missing material that makes up more than 80% of the ...

1 Feb 2015 4.56am

Pupils 'must recite tables by 11'

All schoolchildren in England will be forced to learn their times tables off by heart as well as carry out long division and complex multiplication ...

1 Feb 2015 2.51am

Justin shares nappy birthday news

It may be Justin Timberlake's birthday, but it's another birth date that's filling the actor-singer's mind - that of his future son or daughter.

1 Feb 2015 4.56am

Japan slams 'deplorable' IS video

The Japanese government expressed "extreme indignation" today over a video purportedly from the Islamic State group that shows a militant beheading ...

31 Jan 2015 10.56pm

'Father of the Pill' Djerassi dies

Carl Djerassi, the chemist widely considered the father of the birth control pill, has died.

1 Feb 2015 4.56am

Obama condemns 'heinous' beheading

US president Barack Obama has led worldwide condemnation of the killing of a Japanese journalist by Islamic State (IS) militants, calling it a ...

1 Feb 2015 2.52am

Houston daughter in bathtub drama

The daughter of late singer and entertainer Whitney Houston was found unresponsive in a bathtub today and taken to a hospital, police said.

31 Jan 2015 10.56pm