Doctor Who special in Thrones plug

Sharp-eyed Doctor Who fans will spot a plug for rival drama Game Of Thrones in the science fiction show's Christmas special.

19 Dec 2014 9.04am

Smith hits UK/US sales landmark

Sam Smith has become the only artist in the world to sell one million albums in both the UK and US during 2014.

18 Dec 2014 3.23pm

Sidekick Nick quits The Apprentice

Lord Sugar's sidekick Nick Hewer is to leave BBC1 hit series The Apprentice after a decade.

19 Dec 2014 1.06am

Sidekick Nick quits The Apprentice

Lord Sugar's sidekick Nick Hewer is to leave BBC1 hit series The Apprentice after a decade.

18 Dec 2014 10.49pm

Claudia to host charity Danceathon

Strictly Come Dancing's Claudia Winkleman is to whip up a dancefloor frenzy with a six-hour stint of frantic footwork for Comic Relief.

18 Dec 2014 8.21pm

Rail firm set for busiest Christmas

A train operator is preparing for its busiest ever Christmas period in Scotland with more than 350,000 of its passengers expected to travel across ...

19 Dec 2014 9.02am

Cities beat London house price rise

House prices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Southampton, Bristol and Birmingham have grown at a faster rate than those in London in recent months, property ...

19 Dec 2014 5.47am

Call for lower drink-drive limit

Three in four motorists would like to see a lower drink-drive legal limit in England and Wales, according to a survey.

19 Dec 2014 9.02am

Salmond hints at Labour vote deal

Alex Salmond has hinted that the SNP would be prepared to set aside the convention that its MPs do not vote on laws that only affect England in ...

19 Dec 2014 5.47am

Flat London house prices forecast

House prices will remain flat across London next year while those in the North West, the South East, the West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside ...

19 Dec 2014 5.47am

Drink-drive killer to be sentenced

A drink-driving 18-year-old woman who pleaded guilty to causing the death of a cyclist as he took part in a charity bike ride will be sentenced today.

19 Dec 2014 9.04am

Torture probe 'betrayed soldiers'

An Iraq war veteran has said a £31m public inquiry was a "betrayal" of British Army soldiers after it found war crimes allegations against them were ...

19 Dec 2014 6.47am

Judges to rule on Duggan challenge

Court of Appeal judges rule today on a challenge by the family of Mark Duggan, whose shooting by police triggered the 2011 riots.

19 Dec 2014 9.04am

Women set to serve on front line

Women could be allowed to serve in British Army infantry and armoured units for the first time pending further research, the Ministry of Defence has ...

19 Dec 2014 7.47am

Brain's 'internal compass' revealed

Scientists believe they have found the part of the brain which acts as an "internal compass" and makes some people better at navigating than others.

19 Dec 2014 6.47am

Pakistan forces strike militants

Pakistani jets and ground forces have killed 67 militants in a north-western tribal region near the Afghan border, days after Taliban fighters killed ...

19 Dec 2014 6.48am

India launches largest rocket

India has announced two more successes in its quest to send humans into space, launching the country's largest rocket and testing the re-entry of a ...

19 Dec 2014 4.06am

It's D'oh true - Homer's on campus

Bart and Lisa Simpson have been at primary school for 25 years, but that hasn't stopped them and the rest of the family from showing up on campus.

19 Dec 2014 6.48am

Sony hacking sparks worldwide alert

Companies across the world are on high alert to tighten up their network security to avoid being the next firm brought to its knees by hackers like ...

19 Dec 2014 4.48am

Children found stabbed to death

Eight dead children and a woman with stab wounds have been found inside a home in Australia.

19 Dec 2014 4.48am